Encountered problem.

Le système Android de Google utilisé sur les téléphones mobiles
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Encountered problem.

Message par Lincon12 » lun. 10 juin 2019 12:02

Hello everyone,,

I have a Galaxy S.
Before the 10/01/12 I could notice that my phone did not detect Free Mobile (test done in the same place, with an antenna installed), following that I put this or that ROM.
I asked the question on different site but never received an answer.

When I installed an ICS ROM on site Frandroid, well I saw Free Mobile under 20815.
This is a ROM that I like and I was looking forward to receiving my SIM card to try the data flow.

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I was doing tests with Speed ​​Test, with my former operator to make comparisons.
I had already installed Free Mobile apps. The problem was the Mobile Config app that was reporting that the app would not work with ICS. But I do not say serious, I would do the configuration manually.

When I visited Free Mobile, small problems came up.
The phone rebooted quite often, no MMS.

I decided to remove all Free Mobile apps to control.
The Galaxy S did not reboot anymore.

For MMS, I found that the NPCs had to be a bit different.

But, when I decided to do the data tests, no way when I'm on the Free Mobile network.
I looked at the network, I was on the 20815 network. I can not explain why I did not see Free Mobile but still 20815.
However, as soon as I'm in Orange, I can.

I decided to go back to ROM 2.3.6 :( and there I can see that I am under FREE MOBILE.
This week, during my travels, I will control that the data works well.

I would like to know if some of you have similar concerns.
Specify the phone (brand and reference) and under which Rom are you!

If you do not know how to do it, go to the settings / phone.

After we see below the software version (it is marked 2.3.5 or 2.3.4) and can be for nexus S and galaxy nexus 4.0.3

If you click several times and quickly enough, where there is the version of the software and if you are under Gingerbreak or under ICS, a little surprise should appear.


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