Buy One Sim Card That Works Internationally Instead of SIM From X Country.

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Buy One Sim Card That Works Internationally Instead of SIM From X Country.

Message par gurira77 » ven. 24 mai 2019 08:28


I live in USA, and do a lot international traveling. I have an unlocked iPhone X on AT&T. Obviously when I travel I just go get a SIM card at the airport or local shop in which ever country I’m, but I’ve been seeing places also charging for a SIM card now. For example, I was in South Africa, and I got a SIM card, and I had to pay I like $5 USD or $10 USD for the SIM, plus the data. Is there a SIM that I can get, and just buy data as needed that works internationally? Kind of like Project Fi, but that connects to the best network available in said country. I know Fi isn’t technically supported for the iPhone, and there are work arounds to get it to work, but my problem is that in the US, it would be only used on T-Mobile, and when I travel internationally it would be whatever carrier T-Mobile partners with in that country, which may not be the fastest or best network in that country, plus I would want to use 4G LTE in that country, and I don’t know if T-Mobile international providers would give me LTE speeds.



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